Game Informer on new Batman Arcade Game


Game Informer is reporting on a new car combat Batman arcade game that will simply be titled Batman. Here is a short blurb from Game Informer’s article:

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"Batman has risen to become one of the biggest properties in gaming, but the hero’s next big outing isn’t Rocksteady’s highly anticipated Arkham Knight; it’s a little-known title simply called Batman. However, this game is far from what you’d expect – it’s a car combat title that can only be played in arcades. How did the world’s most popular super hero end up racing into a market that many believe died decades ago? That’s a question befitting the world’s greatest detective.Street JusticeGotham’s lunatics are out in full force. Roving gangs led by villains such as The Joker, Bane, and Mr. Freeze have turned Gotham’s streets into a demolition derby. Thankfully, they’re not the only freaks on the road tonight – the Batmobile practically flies off a ramp and out of the Batcave, and within seconds Batman is battling the world’s worst thugs.Scarecrow has scattered fear toxin across the city and Batman has to race around Gotham to disable his fearsome traps. Fortunately, a series of weapon upgrades and side-mounted machine guns have turned the Batmobile into a tank – a tank that drives like a sports car. Electronic Batarangs let Batman disable enemy vehicles, while sky drones grab cars and fling them off the road, and a battering ram upgrade turns the Batmobile itself into a bullet that smashes anything it touches off the road."

Read the full article, written by Ben Reeves, here.

I think this new Batman arcade game coming out may hint at new-found popularity with arcades. I can’t remember where I saw it but I did see a report recently that arcades are making a huge come back in Japan, maybe the creators of this Batman arcade game are hoping that will translate into a come back for American arcades.

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