Thing And Human Torch Might Not Be Friends After Fantastic Four #6


In the world of the Fantastic Four, the Thing and Human Torch have always been kind of like brothers. They’d give each other a hard time and even scuffle on occasion, but they’d settle their differences in the end and go back to being friends.

In the wake of Original Sin though, all bets are off, including the ones on whether Thing and the Torch will still be on speaking terms after the secrets formerly protected by the late Uatu start to be revealed in Fantastic Four #6. Specifically, the FF will have to deal with one that involves Reed Richards and his inability to cure Ben Grimm of his rocky curse.

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Could Johnny Storm have accidentally ruined Reed’s one chance to turn Ben human — and then lied about it to boot? That’s what writer James Robinson and artists Leonard Kirk and Dean Haspiel will be exploring in just a few weeks, and the answer may spell the end of not just a long friendship, but the Fantastic Four itself.

Check out some of Kirk and Haspiel’s pages below, and look for Fantastic Four #6 at your LCS or on digital on June 25.