Roger Craig Smith talks Arkham Origins Cold, Cold Heart


Roger Craig Smith, voice of Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins, recently sat down to talk with Glen Tickle of The interview was on the subject of the Arkham Origins DLC Cold, Cold Heart and also gave Smith the chance to give out voice acting advice for aspiring voice actors. Here is a quote from the article below:

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"The ultimate compliment I can receive is when people are like, “Hey, you do an excellent young Kevin Conroy.” Troy [Baker, who voices Joker in Origins] mentioned when we were doing some of the stuff at New York Comic Con and when we were out in London that there were points on the horizon of the performances that have been established that we’ve all come to know as Batman and the Joker, and knowing that, approaching these from a younger perspective and Origins standpoint, we couldn’t deviate too much from where those prior performances were established.We had to approach it from an earlier timeframe and yet have it be believable that those characters would become those characters. So when people say, “Hey you’re a great young version of what Kevin Conroy established as Batman,” that’s the ultimate compliment."

Read the full article here, on I’m gonna be honest here guys and it’s not easy for me to admit, but I fail as a Batman fan in this instance. I didn’t even know that Roger Craig Smith voiced Batman in Arkham Origins, I just assumed it was Kevin Conroy! Or if I did know I forgot, my husband swears up and down that I recognized that it wasn’t Kevin when I first played the game and didn’t like it, but I don’t remember any of that. In any event Smith did a great job and this article was a very interesting read.

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