New Bat Comics on Sale Tomorrow


As all good fanboys and girls know, tomorrow is new comic day at your local shops and retailers. Here’s a quick rundown of the Batman-oriented books that go on sale upon the morrow!

"Batgirl #32Clandestine meetings, tapped phones, video surveillance – Barbara Gordon is being watched! Who has it in for her, and how can Batgirl investigate without compromising her secret identity?Art by:Jonathan Glapion, Fernando PasarinCover by:Alex GarnerVariant cover by:Ant LuciaWritten by:Gail Simone$2.99BATMAN ETERNAL #10Batman and Catwoman – together again! Professor Pyg is back! And we get some answers about Falcone’s past, and his motivations!Art by:Guillem MarchCover by:Guillem MarchWritten by:Tim Seeley, John Layman, Ray Fawkes,James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder$2.99BIRDS OF PREY #32It’s time to settle some scores! Amanda Waller may have kept Kurt Lance alive, but she also kept him hidden from Black Canary. Now it’s on: Birds of Prey vs. the Suicide Squad!Art by:Jonathan Glapion, Robson RochaCover by:Jorge MolinaWritten by:Christy Marx$2.99DETECTIVE COMICS #32The next great Batman murder-mystery continues to unfold in “Icarus” part three, brought to you by the acclaimed creative team of THE FLASH! Batman is caught in the clutches of the crime boss known as “The Squid” as he digs deeper into a whodunit for the ages!This issue is also offered as a combo pack edition with a redemption code for a digital download of this issue.Combo pack edition: $4.99Art by:Francis ManapulCover by:Francis ManapulVariant cover by:Joseph A Quinones Jr., Ant LuciaWritten by:Brian Buccellato, Francis ManapulLEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #3In “The Beautiful Ugly,” when Batman arrives on the scene to discover the final verdict in the case Two-Face argued against local gangs, will anyone go home happy? Then, when Clayface gives Batman the slip in “Break the Mold,” the Dark Knight Detective is hot on his trail. And Batman and Robin face an old foe at the Gotham Science Museum and ponder “Elements of Crime.” Plus, in “The Echo of Pearls,” young Bruce Wayne discovers a cave that sets echoes reverberating throughout his life.DIGITAL FIRST!Art by:Shane Davis, Sandra Hope, Tom Raney, Tom Lyle, Jason Shawn AlexanderCover by:Jason Shawn AlexanderWritten by:Mike Barr, Brandon Montclare, Shane Davis,Kenneth Elliott Jones, Derek Fridolfs, Jim Krueger$9.99RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS VOL. 4: LEAGUE OF ASSASSINSFollowing The Joker’s attack, Jason Todd finds himself lost in his own past. Kori and Arsenal set out to the far reaches of the globe to rescue him, but when they come face to face with Hugo Strange and the League of Assassins, the team might reach its breaking point. Collects issues #19-24 and ANNUAL #1!Art by:Various, Jeremy Haun, Julius Gopez, Al BarrionuevoCover by:Al BarrionuevoWritten by:James T Tynion IVNo price listed"

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