Review of Arkham Knight Demo from E3 Booth


Nick Tylwalk, editor of our sister site Bam Smack Pow, home of comic books on the Fansided network, is at E3 and got a chance to play the demo at the Batman: Arkham Knight booth! I am so jealous right now! I wish I could have played the demo myself to review for Caped Crusades readers. Sadly for now talking about Nick’s review will have to do.

"Oracle has a bigger presence in this game. The developer who showed me the ropes said she’ll not only feed Batman information, she’ll also take a more active role in solving some of the game’s puzzles.The playable portion of the game featured a brief run-in with the Arkham Knight, who seemed to know a lot about Batman and his suit. That gives one the impression that the Knight is someone close to Batman, as he certainly seems to have a personal beef. A lot of online speculation has centered around the Joker, but I’m not sure he can pull off the persona of the Knight for very long. Could it be someone even closer to the Dark Knight, like an Arkham universe version of Jason Todd? It’s a great mystery to have out there.A full size version of the in-game Batmobile was on the E3 show floor, and it was surrounded by a constant crowd of picture-takers any time I was near the booth."

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Read the full article on Bam Smack Pow, here. According to Nick’s review, the Batmobile gameplay is as smooth and fun as Rocksteady has been promising. In the Arkham Knight demo there is apparently an encounter with the Arkham Knight, who as Nick says, seems to know an awful lot about Batman and his suit, which hints to the Knight being someone close to Batman, just as people have been speculating. Personally I think, like Nick, that Arkham Knight is likely Jason Todd. Remember to keep checking Caped Crusades for all the news on Batman: Arkham Knight as it breaks and for all your Batman needs!

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