Breakfast with Batman Fundraiser for Teen with Cancer


Greetings Batman fans I’ve got a cool story to share with you today! Jersey Journal is reporting on a Breakfast with Batman Fundraiser for a young West New York teen battling cancer!

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"Diagnosed with bone cancer when he was 13 years old, Jovan “Jovi” Caraballo has already shown his fighting spirit.The West New York boy beat his osteosarcoma after undergoing surgery that replaced his femur and knee with a metal rod. He completed six weeks of rehab at Children’s Specialized Hospital that re-taught him basic motor skills like dressing himself, getting in and out of bed and putting on socks and shoes.But now 14 years old, the cancer has returned and requires a far more aggressive treatment, his mother Alby Acevedo said.That’s where Copa Maribel — a local organization that raises money for cancer patients and their families through softball tournaments — comes in. The organization will host a breakfast fundraiser at the IHOP on Rt. 440 in Jersey City on Saturday, June 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. IHOP will donate a portion of the proceeds to the boy’s family.Knowing Caraballo’s love for Batman, Copa Maribel has also arranged a special appearance from his favorite super hero."

You can read the full story, written by Julie Kayzerman of The Jersey Journal, here.  I love heart warming stories like this one, it really helps to restore my faith in humanity. This is one of those few times I wish I was in New Jersey, because I would love to attend this fundraiser! Caped Crusades would like to make a special shout out to Jovan ‘Jovi’ Caraballo, good luck, stay positive and have fun at your Breakfast with Batman!

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