Dax Ginn Interview with Polygon on Arkham Knight


Greetings Batman fans, I’ve got a great interview for you from E3! Polygon’s Chris Plante and Tracey Lien ask some great questions of the Rocksteady Game Producer Dax Ginn about Batman: Arkham Knight.

See polygon.com for the original article about the interview.

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It’s a solid interview, very informative, though I did wonder how well Tracey Lien knows Batman. Her, questions, in my opinion made her sound a little ignorant of the character, maybe she’s just a casual observer, not a huge fan. Dax Ginn (whose name sounds, to me, like a character out of Mass Effect) did his best to answer all of Chris Plante and Tracey’s questions without giving away anything he wasn’t supposed to. There were a few questions posed that I immediately knew he wouldn’t be able to answer at this time, and some we will just have to find out by playing the game.

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