Review of Lego Batman E3 Demo


A reporter from, Daniel Hindes, has reviewed the E3 demo of Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham. Here’s the start of Daniel’s review below:

"My hands-on demo with Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham made a point of highlighting its new setting by starting with a section that played more like Resogun than a traditional Traveller’s Tales Lego adventure. Flying on a 2D plane in Batman’s spaceship (the bat-ship?), I sped around the edges of a cylindrical level, shooting down enemies that entered from the left and right of the screen. Powerups that resembled those of Resogun–such as multi-directional cannons and powerful beam weapons–were scattered around the cylinder. I had to pick up missiles and fire them at The Joker’s rocket to damage his ship and make it crash into a nearby space station."

After an in depth description of the demo he concludes his review like so:

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"There is a lot of detail in Beyond Gotham, and the new space setting has allowed Traveller’s Tales to craft sections, such as the Resogun-like opening of my demo, that are fun, self-contained experiences themselves. But the standard Lego game formula is getting stale for me, and I’m not sure that piling more layers of detail and additional mechanics behind that detail is an elegant solution."

Read the full review, here on So it sounds like Daniel wasn’t too impressed with the demo of Beyond Gotham. I haven’t been able to play the demo myself of course but from what I have seen of videos of the demo it looks great to me. It’s possible Daniel a bit burnt out on Lego games. Not that I’m trying to discredit Daniel’s opinion of the game, he could also simply be a more serious gamer with a more critical eye. In any event I’m still very excited to explore space as Batman and Robin with my husband. Caped Crusades will keep you up to date on all things Batman including Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham so subscribe to our newsletter below!

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