Game Informer: Fears for Batman Arkham Knight


Game Informer’s Ben Reeve’s has a few concerns about Batman: Arkham Knight living up to our dreams, concerns I hadn’t even thought of until he brought them up in his article ‘What if Batman Arkham Knight isn’t the Best Game Ever?’

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"The Batmobile shouldn’t be a big focus of the gameI think that the Batmobile is a great element of the Batman universe, and I think it makes sense to want to put it in the game, but it looks like Rocksteady is making too big of a push with the car. The Batmobile can transform from racing mode to a battle mode where it performs more like a strafing artillery tank. Like all of Rocksteady’s games, the mechanics and animations are extremely polished, but I worry that the Batmobile’s battle mode mechanic doesn’t fit with the overall structure of the Arkham games."

I don’t know that I agree with this concern, I like the Batmobile as an artillery vehicle, and this certainly wouldn’t be the first time we have seen the Batmobile with a canon destroying obstacles in Batman’s path. However, I can see some fans not liking it if too much of the gameplay relies on the Batmobile, especially fans of Batman as a detective.

"This Story Is Still UnprovenThe first two Batman games didn’t tell the most complex or narratively rich stories in video games, but they were still incredibly fun tales that incorporated a lot of nice elements from Batman’s mythos. I think a lot of this had to do with the fact that Batman: The Animated Series writer Paul Dini helped draft the story. With Arkham Knight, Rocksteady is handling the game’s story in house. This makes me a little nervous."

I’ll be honest, I have been nervous from the beginning about the idea that Arkham Knight is an all new character, which is why I have been clinging to the rumors that Arkham Knight is really someone like Hush or Jason Todd. I love Batman, and I love new Batman stories but at the same time I like most humans, am afraid of change. I also think that the story will fall short if this villain who seems to have such a personal vendetta against Batman, is some random nobody we’ve never heard of who was just made up.

"Why does everything have to be so boxy and edgy and sexualized?I think the title for this section pretty much speaks for itself, but I’ll go ahead an elaborate on it, because that’s what writers do. The Batman Arkham games have always had a distinct design style. If you’ve played one, or even seen the concept art for the characters, you know exactly what it is. I don’t feel like this style is wrong, but I have started to grow tired of it over the course of the series."

He goes on to say that people have complained about Catwoman and Harley Quinn being portrayed as hyper-sexualized beings, and asking why it is necessary. Here I have to disagree with him. I like the bulked up characters, I want to see Batman’s villains hold their own against Batman for awhile in a fight, not just roll right over. I also don’t see that Catwoman and Harley are anymore sexualized in the Arkham games than they have occasionally been portrayed in comics and fanart. Let’s face it, men want female comic book characters to be sexual, even the ‘fat and ugly’ best friend of a heroine is usually thin and beautiful. I don’t condone making these ladies sex objects, but I do think that these sexy ladies have every right to be confident and use their feminine whiles to their advantage.

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