New Batman Assault on Arkham Clip on DC All Access!


It’s Tuesday and you know what that means, an all new DC All Access! Today’s DC All Access has a new exclusive clip from Batman Assault on Arkham, introduced by Troy Baker himself! It also features an interview with Tim Seeley about the new comic Grayson #1 where Dick Grayson is a spy!

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I’m looking forward to reading Grayson #1, though not until I have a chance to read all of Batman INC. How cool is it that DC got a former CIA spy to work with Tim Seeley on Grayson? This should make for an interesting read!

I’m a little disappointed to be honest. The Batman Assault on Arkham clip was great, except that it contains major spoilers if you’ve been paying attention. I’m disappointed that they spoiled part of the movie for me, and in such a short clip. I won’t explain it here, in case you don’t recognize the spoiler in the clip, I don’t want to be responsible for spoiling part of the movie for you. I really like the style of animation for Assault on Arkham and I like Troy Baker as the voice of the Joker, especially since he holds so much respect for Mark Hamill. It was really cool to see Troy Baker introduce the clip in his Joker voice, though still not as cool as when Mark Hamill went into his Joker voice at Star Wars Weekends 2014 recently.

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