Amazing Spider-Man 3 delayed for Shailene Woodley?


Now, Shailene Woodley was cut from Amazing Spider-Man 2. This is something that everyone knows. We even know what her reaction to finding out she’d been cut from the second Amazing Spider-Man film was. What we still don’t really know though is whether or not they’ll be brining back Mary Jane Watson’s character at all, and whether or not Shailene Woodley would be back, although it looked very, very unlikely.

That’s because Woodley starred in another big franchise which actually took off in ‘Divergent’ and indicated that she’d be busy filming the sequels to that movie so would no longer have time for any Amazing Spider-Man filming in the future. However, with news breaking that Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been delayed until 2017 there’s a possibility that Woodley’s schedule would have cleared up by then.

Which would mean that the decision to delay Amazing Spider-Man 3 might be in order to allow Woodley to get back on board. After all director Marc Webb loved her work during her small cameo appearance in Amazing Spider-Man 2, he said “Shailene is a brilliant actress, and she did a great couple days of work,” in an interview with the LA Times. So it would make sense for Webb to wait for the girl he originally wanted as Mary Jane to be available.

And the timing does sort-of work. Amazing Spider-Man 3 wouldn’t air until 2017 which means filming will probably take place sometime around 2016. With ‘Divergent’ sequel ‘Insurgent’ filming now in order to be released next year it stands to reason that the finale to the trilogy and franchise ‘Allegiant’ will be filmed sometime next year in 2015, which would leave Woodley free to re-enter the Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Although pushing back an entire movie for one actress does seem a little bit excessive.

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