‘Batman v Superman’ Adds Mercy Graves!


Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been filming a series of LexCorp scenes in Michigan, little rumors, eye witness accounts and spoilers have been slowly leaking into the blogosphere. Today brings us new casting news! Tao Okamoto, Mariko Yashida in The Wolverine, will be playing the badass Mercy Graves!

Graves was Lex Luthor’s personal assistant/bodyguard in Superman: The Animated SeriesShe didn’t originate in the comics but did eventually crop up in the Batman story arc No Man’s Land. A trained hand-to-hand fighter and intellectually competent right-hand-man to Luthor, Graves is an invaluable tool to many of his daily nefarious operations.

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Along with this news, ComicBook.com is reporting some interesting tidbits about Lex himself.

"Our source also offered that they felt that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice’s interpretation of Lex Luthor is much better than it might sound from initial descriptions, describing him as “a slimy businessman we can all despise.” Our source indicated, “You are going to hate this guy. You are going to root for him to be punched by Supes when he weasels his way out of legal trouble. He is cocky and confident because he is THAT good at what he does. He’s a billionaire who knows he is more powerful than the Senator and Congressman visiting because he’s a billionaire.”Our source also indicated that Lex’s security force at LexCorp ranged from mall cop to SWAT force type security. In regards to LexCorp, our source indicated, “This is a high tech mega billion company with a shiny veneer. It’s Apple/Google, colorful and consumer friendly public image but serious potential for Lex’s deviousness.”"

I personally prefer Lex to be an outwardly charming public figure who no one believes could be so evil. This version will likely work on film, but it seems a little superficial. We’ll have to see.

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