If Batman had been a member of the Watchmen


Greetings Batman fans, have you ever wondered what it would be like if Batman was a member of the Watchmen? It might look something like this artist’s comic.

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I found this on io9.com, and I find it very humorous, and pretty accurate too. I always thought that Mr. Manhattan was suspiciously similar to Superman. And yes I absolutely think The Dark Knight Returns Batman would call the Watchmen amateurs and to give up and get real jobs.  I thought the “I don’t save clowns” part was inaccurate though. He would hate it but he would save the Comedian for sure, though maybe beat the daylights out of him for trying to rape the first Silk Specter and then trying to sleep with his own daughter.

"Artist Axel Medellin drew this short comic for the latest installment of Comics Should Be Good’s The Line It Is Drawn art challenge. This week, artists were asked to send a comic book character back in time to change a significant moment in comics history. Medellin took a suggestion to have the older, Dark Knight Batman lend the heroes from Watchmen a helping (but grim and gritty) hand."

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