The Silver Surfer Soars Into Marvel Heroes 2015


Wielding the Power Cosmic would be a pretty good gig. If you got to soar the spaceways on a virtually indestructible surfboard, so much the better.

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But like this guy, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: you’re never going to do either of those things in real life. There is a silver lining however (pun fully intended), in that you can now play as the Silver Surfer in Marvel Heroes 2015. Norin Radd is available right now, and you can nab him, two costumes, six Fortune Cards, his S.T.A.S.H. and a Retcon Device all for $17.99.

Maybe silver’s not your color though. Gazillion has something for you too. Stuff like boxes of Fortune Cards on sale for 25 percent off. Also, the chance to pre-order the next Advance Pack for 60 percent off. Oh, and cake. Can’t forget that delicious cake.

There’s also a special mystery code you can enter up until June 23 at noon PDT. “CAK3” is the code, and you’ll notice that it also looks suspiciously like cake. It’s like a theme or something, possibly because Marvel Heroes just turned a year old. What does the mystery code do? I have no idea — it wouldn’t be a mystery if I did. Enter it yourself and find out.

Or don’t, but you’ll be missing out. Marvel Heroes 2015 is free to download at