Five Daredevil Villains We’d Like To See On TV

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3. Purple Man

He doesn’t actually have to be purple, right? Marvel can make Zebediah Killgrave appear with purple hair or eyes or some other way of getting his theme across. Regardless, Purple Man’s pheremone-based ability to command people to do what he wants is a powerful but subtle one that would work great on TV.

In the comics, Daredevil’s blindness actually helps prevent him from falling under the control of the Purple Man, but that shouldn’t make for any less drama since Killgrave can easily throw innocents in the way or threaten those close to Murdock. Daredevil might not even realize what’s going on if people around him are under Killgrave’s thrall and he’s not.

While Purple Man himself is a schemer whose game is obviously manipulating others, it also wouldn’t be hard to imagine Kingpin utlizing his talents to help play puppet master. The number one thing we’ve learned about Killgrave over the years is that he’s basically impossible to reform, perhaps because his power is too difficult to resist using for his own personal gain. That’s another strong concept to explore.

Oh, and if Marvel actually wants to go all out and make him purple, skin and all, we’re okay with that too. We’re just not expecting that he’ll appear that way.