Five Daredevil Villains We’d Like To See On TV

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2. Typhoid Mary

Some fans are guessing this is the mystery role for which Rosario Dawson has been cast. Even if that turns out not to be the case, the character of Typhoid Mary is too good to leave out of the series. For starters, her comic book origin involves Murdock accidentally hurting her in pursuit of a criminal, causing her mind to fracture into several different personalities.

One of her personas actually falls in love with Daredevil, creating a dynamic that writers would probably love exploiting on TV. She’s also more than a match for the Man Without Fear when it comes time to throw down thanks to her hand-to-hand combat skills and mental powers, which include light telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

Like others on this list, Typhoid Mary also has a history with the Kingpin. In fact, the comics use Mary’s multiple identities to enable a love triangle between her, Murdock and Fisk, and for some reason, those are like catnip for super hero shows (Arrow showrunners, we’re looking at you!).

It’s uncertain what kind of design aesthetic Daredevil is going to follow, but Typhoid Mary also would provide the people doing costumes and makeup to flex their muscles a bit. So we’ve got a villain with physical prowess, ties to both the hero and the main antagonist, a great look and an interesting story of her own. Yep, she’s got to be in the series.