Five Daredevil Villains We’d Like To See On TV

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1. Bullseye

Despite Colin Farrell’s portrayal of the character probably being permanently imprinted in the minds of many comics fans, someone is going to have to try to make Bullseye his own for the TV show. He’s just too wrapped up in the Daredevil mythos to be omitted, and unlike everyone else on this list, his absence would meet with an outcry from anyone familiar with the source material.

You want action and some real danger for our hero? Bullseye’s uncanny ability to turn anything into a weapon and almost never miss a throw or shot is a fantastic challenge for Daredevil to overcome. In the hands of the right writers, it could make for some great fight scenes without spending a ton of money on special effects.

Bullseye also has a personal grudge against Daredevil, is responsible for the death of Elektra (she got better) and serves as the Kingpin’s main hitman for a day. He’s also pretty nuts, so he’d offer plenty for an actor to sink his teeth into. Producers might not want him in his traditional outfit given the way gaudier villain costumes tend to be downplayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but just about anything would be better than what Farrell wore in the movie.

The best part is that whether the Netflix series opts to play up the more swashbuckling aspects of the lighter Daredevil runs or the gritty Frank Miller-era tone, Bullseye works either way. There’s virtually no way he won’t show up, and if we were betting men and women, we’d wager quite a bit that we’ll be seeing him on the small screen in 2015.