Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ is 25 today!


On this day in 1989, Tim Burton re-invented


for a new generation. Before this film, most of mainstream perception of the Dark Knight came from Batman ’66, something that DC tried to run away from for many years.


finally put on screen the hero that comic fans had loved for years, and that dark, brooding figure would become the standard from then on (for the most part).

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Crazily,we are now farther away from Batman than that film was from the Adam West TV show. I remember standing in the heat for hours with my parents and brother to get tickets before it sold out. The film proved to be huge, setting the standard for box office blockbusters for years to come. The film cost $35 million to make, but grossed an absurd $411,348,924. And every little kid was Batman for Halloween that year.

I officially feel old.

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