‘Batman ’66’ Mr. Freeze Dies at 98


Just on the heels of the announcement that the villain with be coming to Gotham, with heavy hearts we report that Mr. Freeze from the Batman 66 TV show, Eli Wallach, has died at the age of 98.

From his IMDB page:

"One of Hollywood’s finest character / “Method” actors, Eli Wallach has been in demand for over 60 years (first film/TV role was 1949) on stage and screen and has worked alongside the biggest stars, including Clark Gable, Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen,Marilyn Monroe, Yul Brynner, Peter O’Toole, and Al Pacino, to name but a few.Wallach was born on 7 December 1915 in Brooklyn, NY, to Jewish parents who emigrated from Poland, and was one of the few Jewish kids in his mostly Italian neighborhood. He went on to graduate with a B.A. from the University of Texas in Austin, but gained his dramatic training with the Actors Studio and the Neighborhood Playhouse. One of three actors to play the character of Mr. Freeze on Batman (1966). (The other two were George Sanders and Otto Preminger). He once said that he has received more fan mail for that role than for any other role he has ever done.Eli Wallach was very much a family man who remained married to his wife Anne Jackson for 66 years. When Wallach died at 98, he was survived by his wife, three children, five grandchildren and several great-grandchildren."

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While he wasn’t the only actor to play Mr. Freeze, to me he was the most iconic. I’ll never forget watching him when I was a kid execute his diabolical schemes on the Caped Crusader. His skin an eerie metallic sheen, his hair wild and untamed. For such a cheesy show, what a brilliant villain. He will be missed.

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