Possibly Huge ‘Batman v Superman’ Spoiler Photos!


These new set photos leaking out of the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ set may be BIG spoilers. You know how we’ve been running stories on that giant Superman statue that appears in the film? Well, we’re starting to see that the fate of that statue is tied directly into how the plot may unfold.

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Statue smashed? Laying flowers at the base? Are we dealing with the death of Superman here? It seems odd to kill Supes off one film after re-introducing him, and after acknowledging his presence in the Justice League movie. Will his (possible) death have any emotional weight when we know going into it that he won’t stay dead? Did Man of Steel have any emotional weight?

More as it develops!

Photo source: The Banana Doc

Stay tuned for all your Batman v Superman needs, Bat-fans!

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