Get Ready To Meet Silk In Amazing Spider-Man #4


Peter Parker wasn’t the only person bitten by the radioactive arachnid that turned him into Spider-Man. It’s a secret that has been hidden from Parker for years, but thanks to the actions of the Orb in Original Sin, it’s exactly the kind of thing that is now out in the open.

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That secret also has a name: Silk. Writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos are ready to show her off to the world in Amazing Spider-Man #4, and it’s a debut that will no doubt answer some questions — like who Silk is and where she’s been hiding since the accident — while bringing up even more.

“Why was this kept from Peter?” Slott said in an interview with “A good question to ask is ‘Who is keeping this from him?”

While Marvel is occasionally prone to hyperbole, Silk really might be “the character whose very existence will turn the wallcrawler’s world upside down later this year.” Unfortunately, you won’t see here in the preview pages below, but you can still check out Ramos’ typically sweet artwork and his variant cover (which does give you a look at Silk, albeit one obscured by shadow) while you wait for Amazing Spider-Man #4, an Original Sin tie-in, to swing into comic shops and digital on July 23.