San Antonio Comic Con Gets 100th Anniversary X-Men Special #1 Jorge Molina Exclusive Cover


Marvel has been teaming up with Wizard World for exclusive variant covers for many stops on its 2014 circuit, and the first ever San Antonio Comic Con isn’t going to feel left out. All VIP attendees to the show, including people who buy any of the various celebrity VIP packages, will receive a special version of the 100th Anniversary X-Men Special #1 with a cover by Jorge Molina that is limited to just 3,000 copies.

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Molina is well known to comic fans for his work on books like X-Men, Captain America: Man Out of Time and Avengers: The Initiative, and he’s also contributed his talents to video games and clothing design. He’s slated to be in attendance at San Antonio Comic Con for people wishing to get their copies of the giveaway comic signed.

“Jorge Molina is the type of artist whose work leaps off the page and grabs readers attention,” Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel said in a press release. “We couldn’t be happier to bring his level of craft to the upcoming 100th Anniversary X-Men special with this exclusive cover for Wizard World San Antonio.”

But wait, the X-Men haven’t been around for 100 years, have they? That’s correct, but the 100th Anniversary X-Men Special is one of a series of one-shots that imagines what various Marvel characters and franchises might look like when they do reach the century mark. Written by Jen Van and illustrated by Jason Masters, the X-Men issue explores whether or not humans and mutants are finally living in harmony in 2061 in accordance with the vision of the late Professor X.

Along with many other comic creators, the San Antonio Comic Con is scheduled to have a number of celebrity guests available for autographs and photo ops when it comes to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center from August 1-3. Actors William Shatner, John Barrowman and Michael Rosenbaum and WWE superstars Bray Wyatt and the Bella Twins are among those currently expected to appear. Full details and tickets are available online at the official Wizard World San Antonio Comic Con site.