Batman is not Impressed: Batman Cosplay of the Day!


It’s time for another Batman Cosplay of the Day post! Today I bring to my dear readers this hilarious photo, titled ‘Batman is not Impressed’. The photo was taken at WonderCon 2013, by member TheXHunter08. Hunter had no information on who was cosplaying Batman in the photo, Harley is Enasni Volz, who you can check out on her deviantart page.

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Enasni looks like a lot of fun, I would love to hang out with her at a con! Batman really doesn’t seem interested in whatever Harley is doing behind him, probably because he knows she can’t ever manage to do him any harm. Well that and her putting up bunny ears over his head does nothing to detract from his image so why not let her have her fun. Not sure why Harley is wearing a camouflage helmet but whatever! I don’t think that Batman is unimpressed just uninterested.

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