Pacific Rim Props And Costumes Are Up For Auction


More than 300 official items from Pacific Rim are now up for auction.

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Legendary Pictures and Prop Store are teaming to offer fans the chance to bid on items that were used in the 2013 film about giant Kaiju monsters battling equally massive human-controlled Jaeger mechs. With Pacific Rim 2 nearly three years away and sparse information on how the upcoming animated series is progressing, this auction is a nice way to sate fans’ hungers.

There are about 150 items available now, including the desk of that lovable ham, Hannibal Chau (Ron Perlman). If you manage to purchase that, you may as well also pick up some items to proudly display on top of it, like this transparent glass jar filled with Kaiju parts.

If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, the most expensive item available so far is the Jaeger Drivesuit Helmet worn by Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), currently priced at $3,950. It comes with a built-in microphone and earphones and fancy AA-powered lights.

New items are being added to the growing set of auctions daily, each having different end times. The final auctions end on Sept. 12 at 9:00 a.m. PDT.

Check out the full set of auctions here.