My Long-Awaited Spider-Man Fan Trilogy Outline and Recent Realizations as a Writer


With all of the news of Spider-Man films possibly being once again rebooted by Marvel Studios (which I am extremely stoked for if it were to happen), I felt that it would be an interesting addition to share with you all parts of my outline for a trilogy that I finished back in October/November. In case this does end up being made into film(s), I don’t want to reveal too much. With that being said, I recently completed an Intro to Filmmaking course at college and realized that I want to be a writer and just a writer. The other aspects of filmmaking require so much responsibility (and you’d think, being a Spider-Man fan, I’d accept such great responsibility as a filmmaker). Keep in mind that I did post how I’d bring, as well as how anyone should approach making a Spider-Man film, which I mostly adhere to through this story.

The film brings viewers straight into the story. Everyone in the Parker home is asleep…Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Peter. A masked burglar breaks in, skillfully sneaky at first, but Aunt May sees him and shrieks. Uncle Ben chases him and attacks him, defending his home. Peter comes to aid him, but it is too late. The burglar shot Uncle Ben in the struggle, leaving Peter and May devastated. Peter awakens in Professor Miles Warren’s genetics class next to Gwen Stacy, who tells him that she’s there for him whenever he needs him (implying that his Uncle’s death happened already, but recently, and the dream was a flashback).

Peter returns home to check on his Aunt May, now widowed. She is about to leave for an appointment for a blood transfusion, but before leaving shows Peter the newspaper in which his uncle’s death is documented. Seeing this, it strikes Peter as a chance to delve deeper into his Uncle’s murder by investigating himself by getting a job at the Daily Bugle.

This spirals into three films that see Peter pursuing his Uncle’s killer as a powerless employee of the Daily Bugle, encountering famous villains along the way such as Shocker, Mysterio, Black Cat, and Lizard. At one point, Peter even develops his own web guns and mask (from web fluid he was working on prior to dedicating himself to investigative journalism) to even out the fight with villains much powerful than he is, inspired by Jack Kirby’s original Spider-Man costume design.

There are plenty of twists and turns in this trilogy that are just too exciting to mention. Therefore…

I hope that one day someone will find this article and be interested in this concept for a Spider-Man film and would be willing to help me create it so that way I, or someone else willing to, can write a script.

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