Deadpool #40 Review-Deadpool and Sarah Silverman Team-Up


Deadpool has had many interesting team-ups in his history.  He has teamed up with Hawkeye, with Thor, with Loki even, and of course, with the Deadpool Corps, he has teamed up with alternate versions of himself.  Now, in the unique and entertaining Deadpool #40, the Merc with a Mouth teams up with real life people!  In this semi-political, but totally entertaining issue, Deadpool teams up with comedian Sarah Silverman and comic book creators Jason Aaron and Jason Latour to save the world!

Deadpool #40 Cover

This issue of Deadpool takes the form of a children’s coloring book, and in-story, we see that Roxxon CEO and head minotaur Dario Agger, (big baddie from the recent Thor comics) has commissioned a comic book for kids that explains that his company’s anti-environment corporate policies are good for the environment.  Agger has also hired a typically clueless Deadpool as a representative to help him (in the Roxxon comic book) explain away the “coincidental” health and safety concerns surrounding his “gracking” (Gamma-Infused Fracturing) processes.

As a serial fourth-wall breaker, Deadpool does not follow the comic-book script that Agger has for him, and slowly comes to the realization that Roxxon ‘s policies are bad for everyone but Roxxon and folks who are already rich.

Enter real-life comedian Sarah Silverman and her sidekicks, Jason Aaron and Jason Latour (both comic book creators).  They are protesting Roxxon ‘s crimes against the environment when they encounter Agger and Deadpool.  Agger transforms into his more powerful Minotaur form and does battle with our four heroes.  And yes, Sarah Silverman has super-powers, and Aaron and Latour show off some nifty combat skills.

Sarah Silverman in Deadpool #40

Since this is a kiddie book (as intended by Agger), the good guys win out, but not without suffering a serious casualty.  Buy the book to find out who…

This was a nice shift from the serious and darker themes we have seen in Deadpool lately.  Creators Duggan and Posehn once again show that Deadpool is one of the more versatile characters in the Marvel stable in terms of what can be done with him.

While this was, frankly, one of the weirder Deadpool comic books, (and that is saying a LOT!), it was an entertaining read, and well-worth the cover price.  And will we see more Sarah Silverman team-ups in Marvel? Hmmm…

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