Deadpool #41 Comic Book Review-Wade and Pete’s Big Adventure


In our last Deadpool issue, we enjoyed a nice break from the angst and emotional trauma that Wade Wilson has been enduring.  Deadpool #40 featured an out-of-continuity story where Deadpool teamed up with Sarah Silverman to battle the evils of the multi-national corporation called Roxxon.

Deadpool #41-Cover

Now though, Wade is back to the general funk he has been in since he reverted back to his old self after the AXIS/Inversion event. Even a little romantic dinner with wife Shiklah, (which does not end well for our hero), only adds to his general emotional malaise.

We find Deadpool (remember, he is basically unkillable), contemplating the equivalent of mental suicide, as he seriously considers injecting himself with his a serum developed by his old foe/mentor/torturer, Butler.  If Wade were to take this formula, he would literally lose his memories of his wife, daughter, his recent friends, as well as the knowledge that he may have been happier as the blissful Zenpool of his AXIS days.

Lil Deadpool #41-Credits Page

Before he takes the plunge though, he decides to go on a job with old foe/buddy Paste Pot Pete (err, we mean The Trapster), to a Middle Eastern country in the clutches of Roxxon.  In an interesting “inversion,” compared to the last issue, here we see Wade working for Roxxon to put down popular protests against the giant corporation.

Of course, our hero still has a conscience, and even shows Trapster Pete that it can feel good to be a good guy. (This would be a great way to start a new team of former villains turned good guy–they could be called the Dead-Bolts!)

We are left with a nice cliff-hanger of an ending, but the general feel of this series is building toward something bad, as Marvel has previously announced that Deadpool will die.  Now, what that means, who knows.  One possibility is that Wade takes Butler’s serum, and basically the current, lovable Deadpool “dies,” as his memories are wiped.

Who knows what the future holds, but Wade and Pete will be back in the next issue of Deadpool.  See you then!

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