Confirmation that Andrew Garfield is OUT as Spider-Man

So earlier today I wrote an article that was partially in defense of Andrew Garfield and partially an attack on what I considered to be the entire internet reporting something as fact based on nothing more than an assumption. People were stating that Andrew Garfield’s time as Spider-Man was over following the Marvel deal allowing Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I couldn’t find any proof from official sources to support that notion.

However I have since stumbled upon what I believe to be the source of the idea that Andrew Garfield is out and what could be confirmation that he is indeed being replaced. This tweet from well-respected film reporter from ‘The Wrap’ Linda Ge who boldly confirmed that Garfield was out, having presumably been dropped by producers.

Again I’m slightly skeptical because I can’t see where she’s gotten that information from but the fact that she’s tweeted it and her living is, like mine, made from reporting the facts and not making things up I’m inclined to believe that the idea that Andrew Garfield is being replaced has some credence.

As I’ve already said it makes perfect sense that Garfield would be recast following the Marvel/Sony deal and it’s not something I’m particularly bothered about. I just couldn’t understand why immediately after the announcement was made people were assuming Garfield was gone.

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