Return of the Living Deadpool #1 Review-Too Many Wades


Deadpool.  Zombies.  Deadpool and Zombies.  Zombie Deadpools.  Think zombies are bad enough?  How about Zombie Deadpools?

That is the situation in this new, four-issue Deadpool mini-series written by Deadpool writer Cullen Bunn and drawn by new Marvel artist Nicole Virella, which picks up where 2014’s Night of the Living Deadpool left off. And that Deadpool mini-series was itself a take-off on the weird and wacky Marvel Zombies phenomenon.

Return of the Living Deadpool -Cover

Ok, so, to summarize, the world was overcome by a zombie virus (hmmm, sounds familiar?)  leaving our Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, as one of the few survivors.  And, to make matters worse, he appears to be the only surviving superhero.  Uh, oh, now we are in trouble!  By the end of that series, Wade found a way to fight the zombies…he let them eat him, which due to various weird Wade factors, turned the zombies who ate of his flesh into, well…Deadpool.  Or various versions of Deadpool.

This new issue picks up at some point after Wade is eaten alive by the zombies, where we see a teen girl (human, not zombie), named Liz trying to evade the zombies.  She comes across Deadpool, who seems more confused than normal, and she tries to kill him.  After he convinces her to not keep attacking him, Liz explains to Deadpool that the world is full of crazy Deadpools that are more dangerous and deadly than the zombies.

Return of the Living Deadpool #1 Liz Meets Deadpool

As Wade and Liz battle their way through regular zombies, and they manage to escape a crazy cohort of Deadpool personas (who are NOT nice, by the way), we find out that this story takes place probably eight to ten years after the Night of the Living Deadpool series ended.  Liz tells Wade that she was just a kid when the zombie outbreak occurred, and Deadpool  figures that Liz is about 15 years old.  After Liz explains to Wade how the “Deadpool Plague” started (i.e. by Deadpool letting the zombies eat him), he realizes that he may actually be “Deadpoop” rather than “Deadpool.”   This is one of the great lines that Bunn inserts into this comic.

Return of the Living Deadpool #1 -Too Many Wades

Cullen Bunn’s command of Deadpool’s character makes him one of the best ‘Pool writers around right now.  Like the art in the previous ‘Pool-Zombie series, the whole world is in variations of black, white, and grey, except for the red we see in Deadpool himself and his Zombified cousins. Nicole Virella’s art is very good and very pertinent to the wasteland that Wade finds himself in now.

Who should pick up this book and this mini-series?  If you read Night of the Living Deadpool and liked it, or if you like any and all Deadpools, you need to read this series.  Oh, and if you are one of those zombie-readers (you know who you are…!) this might interest you as well.  Looking forward to seeing what Cullen Bunn does with Deadpool in this undead scenario.

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