Dan Slott wants Mysterio as Marvel’s Spider-Man movie villain

Dan Slott has put forward Kraven’s Last Hunt as the storyline of choice to mine for the next Spider-Man film, which is being produced by Marvel for a 2017 release date. However if that falls through Slott has a backup plan involving what he considers could be, and I quote, “one of the greatest movie villains.”

Who is he talking about I hear you ask, having obviously not read the title? Mysterio of course! Slott revealed his love for the goldfish-bowl toting villain in an interview with Latino Review where he stated that he’d love to see Mysterio on screen because the possibilities with him were endless!

I think Mysterio would be one of the greatest movie villains. The guy’s powers are special effects. That means you could do anything you’ve ever seen in a movie in a Spider-Man. Anything. Blow up the White House. 10,000 aliens descending from space. Ghosts coming out of walls. Whatever you want! Matrix bullet time. I don’t care. Eye-popping, blow-the-back-of-your-head-out special effects. It gives you free rein.

He certainly isn’t wrong! Although it’s hard to imagine a Spider-Man film where Mysterio blows up the White House with ghosts that come out of walls going down particularly well with today’s modern movie goer. Still, Mysterio is a choice of villain I’d love to see on the big screen as he poses a significantly different threat to Spider-Man than Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus. He’s smoke and mirrors rather than smash-yer-teeth-out!

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