Gotham: David Mazouz: ‘They Cut My Afro Off’

David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce Wayne on the hit TV show Gotham, recently sat down for an interview with HNGN to talk about his audition process, preparation for the show, and thoughts on the first season as we prepare to get into the final 4 episodes.

David Mazouz mentioned that while the studio tried to keep the role he was auditioning for top secret, he pretty much knew what role he was auditioning for. And even though David Mazouz was a pretty experienced actor, being in commercials, TV shows & movies before Gotham, he still thinks it’s really cool to see his face on billboards and buses. David Mazouz also apparently used to have a much fuller, thicker and unkempt head of hair before Gotham, stating “they cut my afro off”, in order to make him look more like the clean cut son of upper crust super wealthy socialites. You can check out the full interview with David Mazouz below, and be sure to watch him as young Bruce Wayne on Gotham when it returns April 13th on Fox!

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