Breaking News: Seth Rogen and James Franco to star in Marvel’s 2017 Spider-Man film


James Franco and Seth Rogen were at the centre of one of last years biggest scandals. Their film ‘The Interview’ outraged the entire country of North Korea and led to Sony studios being hacked. Several of the top ranking Sony employee’s private and personal emails were released to the public leading to Sony Co-Chairman stepping down into a Producer role.

Whilst the debate over who will play Spider-Man still rages on, it looks like one of Pascal’s first moves was to secure the partnership of James Franco and Seth Rogen, a pair that Sony have worked extensively with, for the next Spider-Man film which is being released in 2017 under a partnership with Marvel. Seth Rogen himself broke the news earlier via Twitter.

As for James Franco he announced his return to Spider-Man via an interview that is being reported on several websites citing his displeasure at the way in which his last character was received in the Sam Raimi trilogy, particularly in the third film, as a reason for returning.

"At the time I thought the film was going to kick-ass, you know, and then when people started saying ‘there’s too many villains’ I watched it back and there were too many villains and I was one of them. I wish I would’ve told Sam that he was making a mistake at the time. That’s why I’m so thrilled to be returning to Spider-Man films so that I can set things right"

At the moment there’s no confirmation that Seth Rogen or James Franco are definitely starring in the new Spider-Man movie but they both seem to think so! I also have absolutely no idea who they could both be playing? Will James be returning to Harry Osborne? Will Seth Rogen be Spider-Man? Will anyone have realised that this is an April Fools Day Post?

Who knows.

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