Michael Keaton Is Just The Worst At SNL Promos


Riding high off his critical acclaim for Birdman, Michael Keaton will be hosting his third episode of Saturday Night Live this upcoming Saturday, April 4th. To help promote his appearance, Michael Keaton taped a series of promos with SNL cast member Cecily Strong, all of which he bombs horribly.

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Now this is Michael Keaton bombing on purpose, but considering SNL’s batting average, I’d veer away form jokes that might infer that this episode will be awful. I mean, sure there are Batman jokes and Birdman jokes, but there’s also a Multiplicity joke, which is pretty much the low point of Michael Keaton’s career and enough of a joke itself that you should never have to make a joke about it. We’ll be to sure to post any Batman-related skits that Michael Keaton does (if any) but be sure to catch the full episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Michael Keaton this Saturday, April 4th on NBC if you want to see any other skits he does (or Carly Rae Jepsen for that matter)

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