We’re Looking For More Writers Here At Bam Smack Pow


There’s no question this is an exciting time for comics and super heroes in pop culture. Both have leapt to the very forefront of the public consciousness in ways that we’ve never seen before, and not only are comic books, by and large, full of more exciting stories and art than ever, but super heroes and other comic characters have made inroads into movies, television and other forms of media that we could never have dreamed of even a decade ago.

Here at Bam Smack Pow, we’re trying to cover and blog about all of it, but we need more help. That’s where you come in. We’re looking to add several staff writers right now to make our coverage of all things related to comics and super heroes even more extensive. These positions can even help you earn a few extra bucks, because if you can contribute just eight posts a month and reach a certain threshold, you’ll earn some revenue sharing dough for your efforts.

You’ll also get your foot in the door of pop culture writing and journalism, while getting your work exposed to millions of monthly visitors here on the FanSided network . Whether you want to help our readers understand the links between comic-related movies and shows and their sources material, or help us dream about what’s next, there’s a niche here for everyone.

Some blogging or online writing experience is preferred, but if you have a passion for comics and super heroes, a willingness to express your opinion and a solid work ethic, we’ll consider your application regardless. Applying is simple – just fill in the form you’ll find here and tell us why you want to write for Bam Smack Pow. We look forward to hearing from you!

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