Wondercon ’15: Gotham Panel Highlights


One of the year’s biggest conventions, Wondercon, is going on right now in Anaheim, California. We here at Caped Crusades are bringing any & all Batman news right to you. At Wondercon 2015 they just wrapped a panel all about the hit TV prequel Gotham, and some very interesting stuff was said.

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First I should note all this news is courtesy of Variety News Editor Laura Prudom’s Twitter account, where you can check out these Gotham tweets and a bunch of other news going on at Wondercon.

Firstly, there was a lot of interesting news about season 2 of Gotham & beyond, mostly about the villains. Names like Victor Fries, Clayface & The Mad Hatter are all likely to come onto the show at some point soon if not in the next season. Jerome’s (aka the most likely person to become the Joker) storyline will most definitely pick up again in season 2. The Court of Owls could also be introduced at some point in the series, since the organization stretches back to Gotham in colonial times.

Most interestingly, the plans are that we never see Bruce in the batsuit, see him become Batman, but we’ll see him grow to the point where he can become Batman through his relationships and guidance by both Gordon & Alfred. On that note, it was also said that we’ll see Bruce “become someone else” and explore another side of himself.

Lots of tantalizing tidbits, makes me very interested and excited for the next season of Gotham and beyond. Gotham returns to finish off its first season in just 9 days on April 13th!

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