Gotham: Wondercon Video Interviews!


The cast of Gotham was present at this weekend’s Wondercon in in Anaheim California, and both Yael.TV & Showbiz Junkies had a chance to interview some of the cast members and get some insight on what’s going in in the final few episodes of the first season of Gotham and beyond!

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This first pair of interviews is with Gotham stars Robin Lord Taylor & Ben McKenzie. They are short, but provide some tantalizing tidbits, as Taylor promises that Penguin will set things in motion that have repercussions for everyone in Gotham. Meanwhile, Ben McKenzie talks all about the upcoming arc involving the serial killer known as “The Ogre” played by Milo Ventimiglia, who not only seduces and kills women, but also kills loved ones of any cop who comes after him (of course this doesn’t deter Jim Gordon though):

This next set of interviews is with Cory Michael Smith, Ben McKenzie again, and Gotham writer/EP John Stephens. These are all signifiantly longer interviews than the first pair and provide a lot more insight. Smith talks about Edward Nygma taking bigger risks such as actually asking Kristen Kringle out on a date (and sadly getting shot down). He also talks about us being with Edward while he is alone in a room and seeing some disturbing things. McKenzie talks about how Gordon has evolved to become more of a political player, and skirting close to an “ends justify the means” mentality. And Gotham writer/EP John Stephens talks about balancing all the different villains and promises the characters will all be taking these leaps leading towards them becoming the established Batman personalities we know them as.

Sounds like when Gotham finally returns next week on April 13th it’s going to be a hell of a ride. Be sure to keep watching.

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