Convergence: Your Guide To All The Worlds, Times And Stories In The DC Mega-Event

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Convergence is here. The latest DC Comics event is serving both a practical purpose, allowing the company’s editorial team to move from New York to California, and a nostalgic one, bringing back various worlds, stories and versions of famous characters from days gone by.

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In Convergence #0, we got our first glimpse of the storytelling mechanic that makes this possible. Brainiac has been up to his old tricks, collecting cities for his unseen master. Except as Superman discovers, this is every version of Brainiac ever rolled into one, and he’s bringing small pieces of worlds and realities that no longer exist to a sentient world, apparently to pit them in a survival of the fittest struggle against each other to prove which ones deserve to live on — or be brought back to life, in some cases.

The various two-issue series that make up the bulk of Convergence will detail the battles between these cities, while the main series presumably focuses on the larger endgame of Brainiac and the new villain Telos. It’s also worth watching to see if the event gives some of these previous bits of continuity to be resurrected in some way.

So which worlds made the cut? Some are merely slices of time from the main DC Comics history, which as longtime comics fans know, has had more than it share of retcons and restarts over the decades. Others come from other imprints or Elseworlds stories, and to its credit, DC is showing no fear of letting anything it’s ever published play a part in this saga.

The final pages of Convergence #0 provide a nice starting point, but we figured we could go into even more detail on some of the cities Brainiac (or maybe more precisely, the Brainiacs) have collected. Leading up to this week’s Convergence #1 and the first wave of tie-ins this Wednesday, we’ll be gradually adding more profiles of the cities beneath the domes.

Ready? Here we go!

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