Convergence: Your Guide To All The Worlds, Times And Stories In The DC Mega-Event

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First Appearance: Strange Adventures #117

Notable Heroes: The Atomic Knights

Sometimes, medieval armor is just handy against swords and lances. Other times, it gets irradiated and protects you against all kinds of bad stuff in a post-apocalyptic society.

Luckily for the Atomic Knights, theirs was the former kind. A group of six survivors that included the Earth’s last living scientist and a pair of soldiers, the Knights used their armor to help fend off all kinds of threats in the far-flung future of 1992. Hey, it was the far future from 1960.

Durvale was the place the group called home, even though they managed to make it to numerous large American cities over the course of their adventures. The really interesting part is that DC made it so that the Atomic Knights were occupying the same dystopic future as other post-apocalyptic characters like Kamandi and Hercules. Then the retcons came, someone tried to make it seem like the whole thing was just the fever dream of group leader Gardner Grayle. and things got kind of messy.

There’s even a New 52 world, Earth-17, that looks like it was hit with its own version of the Great Disaster. But I’ll always remember these armor-wearing, giant dalmation-riding folks in their original form, which was pretty unique.

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