Convergence: Your Guide To All The Worlds, Times And Stories In The DC Mega-Event

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Atlanta, Georgia

First Appearance: Hex #1

Notable Hero: Jonah Hex

Can you take a famous Western hero and transplant him into a vaguely Mad Max-ish postapocalyptic future? DC certainly gave it a shot, and the result was Hex, where Jonah Hex became a man out of time, but no less deadly for it. You can’t even call it a complete failure since it lasted for 18 issues.

The year 2050 as depicted in this series had some radiation problems, as well as mutant worms, robots and other fun stuff. On the plus side, it also still had a Batman. There’s always a Batman.

The best part of this crazy experiment is that Jonah eventually ended up back in the Old West, but the story of how he made it back was never told. Nor was it retconned away, as later writers actually made some references to his misadventures in the future. Could this be a tale that finally comes to light during Convergence?

I’m curious as to why Atlanta is the featured city here, as opposed to Seattle, where Hex first finds himself, or New York, which is featured prominently in the later part of the series. Maybe it’s just something different, as versions of the Big Apple from several other worlds show up in this event.

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