Convergence: Your Guide To All The Worlds, Times And Stories In The DC Mega-Event

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853rd Century Metropolis

First Appearance: Action Comics # 1,000,000

Notable Heroes: Justice Legion Alpha

Only Grant Morrison would say, “The heck with it, I’m going way, way into the future.”

The result was DC One Million, a series and crossover event that explored the DC Universe of the 853rd century. Why that particular century? Because someone supposedly did the math and figured that the one millionth issue of Action Comics would hit at that time. I’m guessing that would be after restoring the original numbering following tens of thousands of relaunches.

In this particular future, the distant descendants of the Justice League still protect our solar system, with one member on each planet. The original Superman is still alive (so is Vandal Savage, unfortunately) too, inside the sun. My favorite is the John Fox Flash, who decided the 27th century wasn’t futuristic enough and headed a lot further out.

I’m also a fan of the android Hourman of this time, who has the brain patterns of the Rex Tyler Hourman but ends up serving for a bit alongside Rex’s son Rick (also Hourman) in the Justice Society. Because comics!

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