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Bottle City of Kandor

First Appearance: Action Comics #242

Notable Inhabitants: Kryptonians who aren’t Superman

Despite his title, Superman wasn’t really the Last Son of Krypton at all. Not only did he eventually have his cousin, Supergirl, show up, there was also General Zod and his compatriots, as well as the entire city of Kandor, which was once the capital of Kal-El’s home planet.

See, Brainiac has always had a thing for collecting cities, and he gave Kandor the shrinking treatment and kept it in a bottle before Krypton was destroyed. Once Superman learned of its existence, he stashed it in his Fortress of Solitude for years of real life time, trying to figure out a way to restore it to its proper size.

But hey, having a tiny piece of home is better than having none at all, and Kandor provided a place for Superman to occasionally get back in touch with his heritage and have crazy adventures with Jimmy Olsen as Nightwing and Flamebird. Having no powers in Kandor, Superman devised the identities to be more like the Batman and Robin of the bottled city.

It’s pretty awesome comic book logic, by the way, that Superman and Jimmy could be shrunken to visit Kandor but no method could be found to grow its inhabitants. I suppose the millions of Kandorians could be a force to be reckoned with if Convergence takes place on a planet with a yellow sun, but otherwise, these are just normal folks with some future tech.

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