Daredevil’s Vincent D’Onofrio hopes Kingpin will get to kick Spider-Man’s butt


Marvel are expanding their on-screen universe into new exciting depths this week with Netflix launching it’s original series ‘Daredevil’ that will bring to life one of Marvel’s more prominent street-level heroes for the first time. Okay, it won’t be the first time but are we really going to acknowledge that Affleck led Daredevil movie, really?

However, on top of introducing Matt Murdock as Daredevil himself, the show will be bringing one of Spider-Man’s most notable villains into the fold, the nefarious Kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk. The giant ruler of the criminal underworld was played by Michael Clark Duncan in the film, but for the television series Vincent D’Onofrio takes up the mantle!

That’s because Kingpin was ultimately a Daredevil villain until he eventually crossed paths with Spider-Man. However this has meant that many people are speculating one of two things. We could see Spider-Man appear in the Daredevil TV show, which is unlikely. Or, we could see Kingpin (and maybe Daredevil) appear in a Spider-Man film, which is slightly more believable.

But what does the Kingpin himself have to say on the matter? D’Onofrio sat down with IGN and mentioned that he’d love for the show to crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, much in the same way that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter have.  But more importantly, in true Kingpin fashion, he can’t wait to get his giant hands on Spidey

"That would be super-cool, yeah. To be able to kick Spider-Man’s butt would be awesome. But we just don’t know about those things. Those are all the Marvel secrets that they never tell us until they need us, so… Yeah, I would do it. I would do it in second."

I really can see Marvel scaling back the first Spider-Man movie and making it all about Spider-Man’s tangling with street-level crime and getting on the wrong side of Kingpin as a result. Let’s not forget that Kingpin is just a highly intelligent crime lord at the peak of physical fitness and with a wealth of resources, he has no actual superpowers so to see Spidey facing up to someone grounded in reality might be quite refreshing. Especially with Marvel’s other films slowly moving off the ‘reality’ charts.

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