DC Versus Marvel Sales On eBay


It always seems to be a question of DC versus Marvel. Comic books, movies, collectibles, you name it, there’s an ongoing battle of which is superior.

Terapeak, a provider of eBay sales data for sellers, has just the info you need to back up your claims, whichever side you’re on! They pulled a list of Marvel and DC’s most popular characters and superheroes to see how they compare on eBay in terms of merchandise sales. Check out the raw data below:

Hulk$2,858,634.00Green Arrow$171,282.00
Wolverine$2,039,816.00Poison Ivy$158,756.00
Iron Man$1,415,973.00Star-Lord$136,460.00
Captain America$1,282,011.00Cyclops$118,430.00
Green Lantern$642,784.00Doctor Doom$84,622.00
Wonder Woman$612,218.00Darkseid$71,386.00
Silver Surfer$605,694.00Emma Frost$64,725.00
Justice League$591,896.00Iceman$44,158.00
Thanos$440,294.00Judge Dredd$26,696.00
Thing$384,589.00Charles Xavier$4,454.00
Dr. Manhattan$2,082.00

It should come as no surprise that Batman outsold its closest competition by over $1.7 million, and it shouldn’t be surprising that its closest competition was the Avengers. DC has always had a top-tier, popular character in Batman, from the comics to the movies to the TV show Gotham and all the cartoons we all still think back on fondly from our childhood.

Breaking down the data, Marvel surpasses DC in eBay sales a whopping $18.6 million to $9.9 million, but their characters also take up two-thirds of this list.

Avengers versus X-Men? Avengers wipes X-Men clean by nearly $3 million, and this is going by MCU rules, otherwise we’ll be here for days trying to figure out where allegiances lie and who crossed-over with what.

Groot’s $100k surprised me more than it should have; after all, didn’t Guardians of the Galaxy make us all want our own dancing baby Groot? I know I’d pay a pretty penny for a quality one. Thor’s $1.1 million packs a good punch to round out the top ten highest grossing characters, and the only individual Avenger not in the top ten on this list is Hawkeye, who falls in the mid-twenties.

Does Superman’s $2 million seem a little low to anyone else? Maybe it’s over-saturation of the marketplace. After all, people aren’t just “stuck” with Batman and Superman anymore. They have dozens of choices of big-name heroes that have come in the mainstream spotlight in the last ten years or so. Although the silver lining for DC is that he’s still out-selling Spider-Man by $500k.

How will upcoming movies change the sales of merchandise on eBay? With Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and Fantastic Four all on the horizon, eBay is bound to see spikes in particular character sales.

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