Get Dr. Aaron Aikman on Spider-Man Unlimited now!


It turns out that Dr. Aaron Aikman will live on after Edge of Spider-Verse #3, despite being seemingly killed off in his debut comic, after all! That’s because the futuristic looking Spider-Man with rocket boots is the latest Spider-Man to swing into Spider-Man Unlimited.

Whilst Aikman’s fate remained in doubt following the cliff-hanger at the end of Edge of Spider-Verse #3 his creator Dustin Weaver has since confirmed that as far as he’s aware Aaron Aikman was indeed consumed and killed by Morlun. But thankfully for fans of the character the mobile game has resurrected him!

All you have to do to win him is complete the week long multi-day event and take on the biggest and baddest Inheritor of them all, Solus. I know, it doesn’t seem like the easiest of tasks does it, but the best things in life aren’t easy to get!

We’re on day two of the event but there’s still time to get him!

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