Gotham: “The Ogre” Featurette


Gotham is back in just 6 days Gothamites! With the episode “Beasts of Prey” this Monday! And this latest featurette is all about the GCPD’s “dirty little secret” (one of many, really), “The Ogre”, played by Milo Venitmiglia.

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In the video below, Gotham stars Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue. Morena Baccarin & Cory Michael Smith all talk about “The Ogre”, a serial killer the GCPD doesn’t dare go after because every time a cop has so far, he targets a loved one. Of course, this doesn’t bother Jim Gordon, who McKenzie says is the only one both brave and stupid enough to go after him. But this of course is Gotham, going after someone like “The Ogre” carries a hefty price tag, as Ben McKenzie hints at in the video:

What will the consequences of Gordon’s actions be? How much harm will be done before “The Ogre” is brought to justice? Find out when Gotham returns for the final episodes of it’s first season this Monday on Fox!

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