Hunt Inheritors on Spider-Man Unlimited with Clone Hunter Spider-Man


Remember Clone Hunter Spider-Man? The purple suited, jacket wearing Spider-Man from Spider-Man #58? You didn’t? It’s okay because neither did I. But nevertheless you’re all going to know who Clone Hunter Spider-Man is now, thanks to Spider-Man Unlimited.

That’s because the jacket wearing Spider-Man variant is the latest and perhaps one of the most obscure new Spider-Man to become available in the game.

As you can see he has a pretty cool and distinctive look. Here’s the official blurb about his announcement on explaining why this particular Spidey is making an appearance in the game now!

"Also debuting today is Clone Hunter Spider-Man! With Scarlet Spider and Ben Reilly stepping into the spotlight it was only a matter of time before Gameloft made reference to this quick-change Spidey, originally featured in SPIDER-MAN #58. Hunting clones may have been his previous pursuit, but now Clone Hunter Spider-Man is set on joining his brethren and becoming an Inheritor hunter."

To get Clone Hunter Spider-Man all you need to do is finish in the top 5 places in ‘The Hunt Is On’ event. So what are you waiting for. Get hunting!

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