Marvel’s 2017 Spidey film unofficially called ‘The Spider-Man’, Logo revealed


Earlier this year Latino Review broke some spectacular news stating that the new Spider-Man film in partnership with Marvel spectacularly set for 2017 would be called Spectacular. But a banner one keen-eyed fan spotted at Wondercon 2015 would suggest that Marvel’s Spidey flick would be anything but spectacular.

Yes, you are looking at what appears to be the first official anything from Marvel concerning their Spidey film a whopping two months after the thrilling announcement. And contrary to popular belief the film isn’t called ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’ but is rather seemingly titled ‘The Spider-Man’.

Before you guys get too carried away here’s the part where I pinch you to bring you out of your rosy dream and snap you back to reality. The photo was sent to from someone called Dinoreviews101 who claims to have seen the banner at this year’s Wondercon.

However the banner remains unofficial as it hasn’t been announced by Marvel or Sony and we’ve only got the word of an anonymous internet user to go on. For all we know they could’ve made the banner themselves. So if YOU were at Wondercon and can confirm this banner’s authenticity and legitmacy let us know!


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