Sally Field talks about that Aunt May spin-off movie rumour


Back before Sony agreed to let Marvel use Spider-Man in their films and everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief the film studio were flailing. One of the crazy hair-brained schemes they came up with was to actually make an Aunt May spin-off movie.

Now that film seems like a distant bent-pipe-dream as Sally Field, who was the latest on-screen Aunt May will surely be replaced by someone else for Marvel’s Spider-Man film and the Spider-Man franchise will go down a new direction.

However the fact that Field is now off the Spider-Man franchise and that the spin-off film was never actually going to happen didn’t stop Amazing Spider-Man’s Aunt May from taking to the Huffington Post about the whole thing

"“Aunt May spin off? And make her the lead? What would you do with her? She has no special powers whatsoever. She was a housewife waiting for the kids to come home. I think they did that: it was called The Donna Reed Show“."

As you can see she was as skeptical as everyone else was, despite the fact that she’d be in for a decent paycheck if they did actually go ahead with an Aunt May film. Still, Field remembers her time as Spider-Man’s parent figure fondly

"“it was fun because it was just a great group”, adding that Andrew Garfield was the “most perfect fellow to work with, so I will miss him, but I’ll find him”."

Personally I’m quite sad to see Sally Fields go, I liked her as I liked much of the Amazing Spider-Man films supporting cast so in that regards it is somewhat of a shame that the likes of Field, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti and Felicity Jones probably won’t be back.

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