Solus smashes his way onto Spider-Man Unlimited


I’ll admit that Spider-Man Unlimited has sort of taken off and left me behind. My days have progressively become more filled and I had less time for the endless runner. However they’ve recently brought in the big guns by adding the big daddy of the Inheritors as a boss and thus I am once again drawn in.

Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of going up against the guy who said this “I am something you have never seen before. I am Solus. I herald the death of you all!” And he truly is a character we’ve not seen in the game before.

You can take on Solus in the latest multi-day event which is currently on Day 2 and called ‘Coming Undone’. The grand prize at the end of it all, especially for taking on the Inheritor who so easily destroyed Leopardon, is Dr. Aaron Aikman. The Spider-Man that was temporarily introduced in Edge of Spider-Verse #3.

Solus joins his fellow Inheritor’s Morlun, Karn, Daemos and Jennix as bosses in the Spider-Man Unlimited game. Solus joins one of Spidey’s most iconic villains in Doctor Octopus as one of the new bosses of this latest update!

So what are you waiting for start playing Spider-Man Unlimited right now?

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