What Spidey HAS Taught Me.


I’m going to be completely honest everyone, I’ve been slacking off. I’ve had friends, family, and school issues. I haven’t been keeping up with this site, and if you happen to like me, or my writing then I hope this is a good replacement, and I swear I’m going to keep going. You might ask what I have decided to talk about, well the title should state that perfectly.

Spider-Man is a man, he’s not the perfect hero. He’s not free of pain and regrets. He’s simply Peter’s idea and concept of how a hero should be. He is inspiring and human. He’s triumphant and brave. He has issues with how the world sees him, and he also tries his best to make them feel better about themselves through the jokes he cracks. He’s not full of himself, and he’s selfless. He’s many things, and he most importantly never gives up.

The movies have kind of shown this in a way. Though however you might see him, Andrew Garfield tended to keep that overly confident, and kind of Jacka** like form of Spider-Man. When Peter first got his powers it was all about the money, and how he had not a care in the world, due to this Uncle Ben died. He was changed into a hero, who put others first. Andrew Garfield’s Peter, never ever got over this stage no matter what. He was uptight, and just came off as occasionally rude. This is again my take please forgive me if I’m offending anyone. But because of this his Spider-Man was witty, and more in ways Tobey’s Spider-Man wasn’t.

Tobey was the better; almost PERFECT Peter, aside from my judgmental ‘He doesn’t look like Peter’ complaints. But his Spider-Man was lacking, the movies have yet to capture the humanity of Peter, mixed with his wit, NOT wit like in Amazing Spider-Man (“Oh no, not the knife, you have FOUND MY ONE WEAKNESS!”, kind of hostile jokes), but the perfect balance, I hope the Marvel and Sony deal can pull this off. I have faith.

But what has Peter done for me? Well you have to look no further than both arcs like, Ends of the Earth/Dying wish, and even the mere beginnings of the surprisingly decent so far – Brand New Day. When faced with an ultimatum, the end all be all choices. That is when I strike the highest rewards. He is often faced with the choice like: Let one man die, or save that man while letting five other bad guys who can and WILL hurt more people get away in the process. Both choices have him freeing a bad guy, either from death itself, or to get away so they can strike the fears of hundreds more. But they often remind him, and the world reading the issues, “you will save everyone, come heck or high water. You are the hero, but more so than just that, you are the hero who would trade his life, and suffer every fate imaginable for the prospect of EVERYONE ELSE being better off, if even for just a second.” Pete would sacrifice himself, for the needs of the world, should the choice, or demand arise.

A bit dramatic, I’ll admit. But that has gotten me through the darkest of times, and has rubbed off on me. I would do ANYTHING to see the world be just a bit brighter if even for second, there’s nothing I wont do for anyone, and everyone that can. Peter’s selflessness is contagious. It spreads love like a disease. Infecting us all.

Peter, has always been the hero who will stop at nothing, who will change the world. Who will do the greatest he can for the few who might need it. Because of that, and for reasons like never giving up despite losing Gwen, despite losing Uncle Ben and more, despite the will to fight through One More Day, to see Mary Jane again, to do everything in his power to never accept defeat, to always give, and to always try. He’s changed me for the absolute best.

He’s not the peoples hero, but he’s more than most people are. Peter is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. He never will leave that title. I always get told “Travis, it’s a fictional character, why not go outside and play with someone who’s real?”, I might never have the answer. But Peter is real enough to me. He has built me up, and given me the strength to fight suicidal urges, and more.

Spider-Man, what can he do for you?

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